Move In/Out Cleaning

Move In/Out Cleaning across London

Moving from one place to another – let it be home or work base, for example, is a stressful experience in itself, so on top of all the packing and unpacking, having to clean the place you are leaving behind and/or the one you are moving into is the least attractive activity you want to be looking forward to. Get that stress of your shoulders and let us take care of it.

According to your needs, we are ready to thoroughly clean your place from top to bottom: a thorough dusting and cleaning all surfaces from ceilings to floors: cleaning/dusting blinds, light shades, overhead fans, vents, ceiling pipes, removing cobwebs, cleaning interior windows, window frames and sills, cleaning inside and outside of furniture (e.g. cabinets bookshelves, wardrobes, chest of draws, bed frames), polishing and sanitizing surfaces, cleaning special places such as tops of doors, door knobs, polishing mirrors and fixtures, cleaning and sanitizing appliances, gentle cleaning of special surfaces such as glass/stone/metal, blitzing and sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, mopping and sanitizing floors, cleaning skirting boards and vacuuming carpets, etc

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